Top Signs That Your Automatic Doors Need To Be Serviced & Repaired

If you've ever approached a storefront with your hands full of bags and other items you probably know how much of a relief it is to find that the building has automatic doors. Automatic doors make it so easy for people to enter and exit a facility with ease and are excellent for patrons with disabilities. Your current building may have automatic doors and as long as they are operating the way they should business seems to proceed as normal. Although you may have pressing business concerns it's important to pay close attention to the condition of the doors. If any of the following symptoms start to show up it's best to have your automatic doors serviced and repaired right away.

Unpredictable Openings & Closings

Automatic doors are designed to open and close based on proximity. As people approach your building, the sensors on the doors pick up the activity and open once the guests are a few feet away. This is a great setup when the doors are in good condition. However, if the sensors are starting to break down you might notice that the doors open and close even when there is no one around.

Faulty automatic doors can become a problem. Your staff has probably grown accustomed to depending on the sound of the door opening as an invitation for them to greet visitors. If the doors are opening without warning this can send mixed signals that can become very frustrating.

Also, some people are so used to automatic doors opening at their approach that they barely slow their stride as they get closer to the exit. Imagine what could happen if a distracted customer walked right up to the doors and they didn't open. It's a liability issue just waiting to happen.

The Glass In The Door Rattles Uncontrollably

When your doors open or close do you notice that the glass is starting to rattle? This could be a sign that the panels are coming out of their tracks and need to be re-bolted into place. An automatic door servicing technician can examine the doors and get the glass sheet back on track before it shatters completely.

Keeping your automatic doors working properly helps you preserve the right image and convey a sense of excellence. Keep an eye on your automatic doors and if these signs show up have them serviced by a qualified automatic door professional immediately.

For more information, reach out to an automatic door repair service.