Signs Your Commercial Storefront Door Needs Repair

Storefront doors ensure the security of your store and influence your store's look. In this regard, your commercial door should always be in perfect condition. Nevertheless, storefront doors wear out with time, calling for commercial storefront door repair. But, when should you repair your commercial door? Here are the top signs.


Metal storefront doors are an excellent choice as they're not easily compromised, ensuring top-notch security. Nevertheless, metal doors may rust when the metal reacts with excess moisture. So, brown patches may form on your door. In addition, the rust may destroy the metal by causing small holes that may eventually expand. These holes may allow weather elements like rain and wind to enter your store, reducing comfort. Therefore, if your commercial door is rusty, perform door repair, which entails eliminating the rust and applying a rust-resistant coat.

Glass Breakage

Glass storefront doors are a popular choice since glass looks classy and allows an exceptional view of your business. Nevertheless, the glass may break easily if forcefully opened or closed. Also, the glass may break upon contact with hard debris like stones. Broken glass doors are unattractive and pose a risk to your health as broken glass may cut your skin. Hence, consider commercial storefront door repair to fix the breakage, improving your store's safety and image.

Water Damage

Wood commercial doors make your store look more natural. Nonetheless, wood is prone to water damage, including rotting. When your door components rot, they become weak and can't hold your door in place, increasing the risk of collapse. Additionally, excess moisture on your door may cause mold growth. Molds are unsightly, and their spores may also trigger allergies to store users. In such cases, commercial storefront door repair may be necessary to avoid expensive door replacements.

Slowed Down Performance

When your storefront door is damaged, you may notice sluggishness in your door's operation. For example, your door may fail to open or close or get stuck midway. Hence, customers may experience delays entering or leaving your store. Sometimes, your commercial door may close unexpectedly, which may cause injuries to a user in the door's path. This indicates that some parts, like the hinges, may be dysfunctional. A commercial storefront door repair service can inspect the door to establish the cause of the operational issue and fix it. This restores your door's performance.

Commercial storefront door repair signals include corrosion, glass breakage, slowed-down performance, and water damage. Consider hiring commercial door repair services when you notice these signs.

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